Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy new year

just wanted to say happy new year to everyone. we went on our usual munster bash today at tentsmuir beach. 17 people and tons of dogs all having a great time. we took paws surf and buzz and are going back tomorrow with the whole gang. it is a fab beach just goes on forever. brill! surf was great herding all the munsters up. it was also a lovely day weather wise - cold but dry and no wind. next thing for me is the new years trek on the 2nd. 100 horses and ponies from the yard all go out round the area for 4 hours. it is great fun but all the horses get hyper and kermit hasnt been before because he only got backed in january for the first time so fingers crossed he behaves himself. will put pics on after it. have fun .

Sunday, 7 December 2008

merry christmas

How are you all doin.I hope you like the pics of kermit ,he is comin on brill!!!![He was jumping!!] I hope you all like my blog and know how to use it!!!!!!Have a very merry christmas

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Friday, 5 December 2008


just took some pics of kermit[he is a poser NOT!!!]he is comin on a lot since we got him[not fallen off yet]

Sunday, 30 November 2008

training day

just been to a training day in perth. it was freezing cold minus 8 at one point. just had ace as the skc said only one dog. the stuff was a bit basic so wish i had taken one of the younger dogs instead as ace was a bit above the standard that was there for agility and obedience and handling isnt his thing!!! it was great to catch up and see friends we hadnt seen for a while. caitlin and her bro glenn had come all the way down from the north of scotland. thats dedication for you. the trainers were all lovely to us kids and dogs and did very well giving up their time to help the scottish juniors . hopefully there will be more of these events to come. it was mentioned to have one before crufts to give us kids a good training session before they go to the big one!!!!
wee surf did her first htm show and boy she was great. i thought she would run away as soon as the lead was off but she stayed in the ring for the whole time and worked so well for a pup. very proud of her. ace had 12 in his class and he came 2nd which was brilliant he only barked 3 times which is such a big improvement for him as he used to bark the whole time.
only one show left this year. its the hpr club of scotland open show on the 20th december. dad says at least it will stop mum shopping that day!!! lol she was not impressed. we will be putting up the tree this week. we always get a real one as mum loves the smell of a real tree. surf has never seen a xmas tree and neither has the kitten so that should be amusing to see. baubles everywhere and a daft cat half up a tree with a collie acting like a fairy!!!! should be fun. will take a pic of kermit this week to introduce him to the world. he galloped off with me this week because a scarey rabbit jumped out of a bush - what a boy, hope he improves with age. he is a lot better in the lesson and is getting better everyday. we are off school tomorrow for st andrews day so will ge tto rid him in the day light ofr a change. usually only see him in the dark.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

surf and co

Erin is really pleased with the way wee surf is coming on. her trick training is coming on great now and she is very steady in her work. she is very attatched to erin and really doesnt like the other dogs coming near her whilethey are working - she isnt bad to them just looks at them and circles erin as if to say my time now back off guys, it always works!!! we have a fun heelwork to music show in november and erin is going to try and see if surf will do a simple routine in a strange place with lots of distractions. i think that erin sometimes wishes she could show surf as she is such a pretty girl but as she is really white the judges wouldnt appreciate her .we still love her to bits.
ace and erin went yesterday to do an audition for britains got talent. it went really well and the dog was fab, drum band pipers all sorts right next to him and he didnt even flinch. the audition went well but they dont tell you if you get through until january so fingers crossed! will keep you all posted.
kermit is coming on , he is very green and doesnt know what height he can jump so if its tiny he tries to jump 5ft , typical boy!!! he is lovely and has such stable manners he is like a big teddy bear.

Monday, 20 October 2008


Erin has now taken on the care of a 4 year old pony called Kermit. He is lovely although a bit of a baby so needs schooling. he is erins during the week but as we are away at the weekends to shows we thought full livery would be too much to fit to follow.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Paws started her agility training this week and was really good. very keen and ready to go. just like her dad kai was. hope she continues like this and we will have another satr agility munster in the family. her sister already started and is doing really well and her other sister might be starting soon too, so a family affair.

Monday, 22 September 2008

charity show

We were at the Dundee charity show this weekendIt was a lovley show and the sun shone through out. Erin had a good show ace came howm with a 10th 9th 7th and a 2nd and Buzz got a 2nd. There were lots of fun classes too and Jason ran ace for the first time and got a judges special award for trying hard and ace was so good for him. .jason was happy with his box of milk try which he shared out last night and Erin made sure she got her bit. Erin's teacher came to visit on saturday and watched erin run ace . She has two springers which are just starting out doing agility and already showing promise. Erin loved having her there to see her do her stuff. Erin is away to school with her prizes this morning.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

surf learning tricks

This is erins munsterlander Paws. she was such a hyper pup. We could never work out how she was getting into the back garden as we never thought for a minute that she would fit throught he fence but one day we saw her doing it from the window and we just had to video it for proof. She is now 18 months old and can still fit through it, so we have put a bamboo screen in front of it. Luckily she never hurt herself doing it!!!

Welcome to Erin's dogs blog. Thought it was about time we set this up for Erin so she can share news and all her pics of her wonderful dogs with you all. Bit of background info. -Erin is 10 years old and lives near Carnoustie in Scotland with mum , dad, her little brother Jason [6] and 7 dogs. She has 3 large munsterlanders. 2 border collies . A rescue papillon and a corss jack russel pomeranian. Erin trains all the dog in a varying amount of activities including heelwork to music, obedience, agility ,showing , handling and she also has a dabble in grooming.Erins dogs are called Kelsey, Hogan, Surf , Ace , Paws, Buzz and Paige. As well as the dogs Erin and Jason also have 2 hamster, 2 chinchillas , 2 cats, a giant african land snail and numerous fish. Hope you enjoying meeting the gang.




paige the papillon

meet paws and ace

this is surf - bryning time to fly


welcome to the blog