Monday, 29 September 2008

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Paws started her agility training this week and was really good. very keen and ready to go. just like her dad kai was. hope she continues like this and we will have another satr agility munster in the family. her sister already started and is doing really well and her other sister might be starting soon too, so a family affair.

Monday, 22 September 2008

charity show

We were at the Dundee charity show this weekendIt was a lovley show and the sun shone through out. Erin had a good show ace came howm with a 10th 9th 7th and a 2nd and Buzz got a 2nd. There were lots of fun classes too and Jason ran ace for the first time and got a judges special award for trying hard and ace was so good for him. .jason was happy with his box of milk try which he shared out last night and Erin made sure she got her bit. Erin's teacher came to visit on saturday and watched erin run ace . She has two springers which are just starting out doing agility and already showing promise. Erin loved having her there to see her do her stuff. Erin is away to school with her prizes this morning.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

surf learning tricks

This is erins munsterlander Paws. she was such a hyper pup. We could never work out how she was getting into the back garden as we never thought for a minute that she would fit throught he fence but one day we saw her doing it from the window and we just had to video it for proof. She is now 18 months old and can still fit through it, so we have put a bamboo screen in front of it. Luckily she never hurt herself doing it!!!

Welcome to Erin's dogs blog. Thought it was about time we set this up for Erin so she can share news and all her pics of her wonderful dogs with you all. Bit of background info. -Erin is 10 years old and lives near Carnoustie in Scotland with mum , dad, her little brother Jason [6] and 7 dogs. She has 3 large munsterlanders. 2 border collies . A rescue papillon and a corss jack russel pomeranian. Erin trains all the dog in a varying amount of activities including heelwork to music, obedience, agility ,showing , handling and she also has a dabble in grooming.Erins dogs are called Kelsey, Hogan, Surf , Ace , Paws, Buzz and Paige. As well as the dogs Erin and Jason also have 2 hamster, 2 chinchillas , 2 cats, a giant african land snail and numerous fish. Hope you enjoying meeting the gang.




paige the papillon

meet paws and ace

this is surf - bryning time to fly


welcome to the blog