Thursday, 23 October 2008

surf and co

Erin is really pleased with the way wee surf is coming on. her trick training is coming on great now and she is very steady in her work. she is very attatched to erin and really doesnt like the other dogs coming near her whilethey are working - she isnt bad to them just looks at them and circles erin as if to say my time now back off guys, it always works!!! we have a fun heelwork to music show in november and erin is going to try and see if surf will do a simple routine in a strange place with lots of distractions. i think that erin sometimes wishes she could show surf as she is such a pretty girl but as she is really white the judges wouldnt appreciate her .we still love her to bits.
ace and erin went yesterday to do an audition for britains got talent. it went really well and the dog was fab, drum band pipers all sorts right next to him and he didnt even flinch. the audition went well but they dont tell you if you get through until january so fingers crossed! will keep you all posted.
kermit is coming on , he is very green and doesnt know what height he can jump so if its tiny he tries to jump 5ft , typical boy!!! he is lovely and has such stable manners he is like a big teddy bear.

Monday, 20 October 2008


Erin has now taken on the care of a 4 year old pony called Kermit. He is lovely although a bit of a baby so needs schooling. he is erins during the week but as we are away at the weekends to shows we thought full livery would be too much to fit to follow.