Saturday, 28 February 2009


well thats us packing up for crufts. it should be fun , its not like any other dog show . the atmosphere is something else.we are taking three dogs down, ace buzz and paws. will miss wee surf though, we have never left her before for so long and it will be her birthday when we come home - a year already. ace is 3 the day we go and paws and me later on in march so its the birthday month. ace is in the first heel work to music freestyle comp the ykc has done but i know he will bark a lot which is a no no . as longs he barks and listens at the same time that will be ok. We have wee buzz doing the most things, obedience team agility and ykc agility dog of the year and paws is doing breed and handling. looking forward to it and we have friends going down too. hope to get round on sunday and watch the collies being shown as surfs breeder Nat is there with her crew.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

sent home.

Well it snowed a bit today but it was enough for the school to decide to send the kids that live out with the town home yipee!!! So we built a snowman then headed down the the stables to see kermit and exercise him and any one else that need it. So i did him then natal and also had a lesson that i did on brambles a new young pony with a lot of energy, she was fun though. We are off now for half term till wednesday but have a busy schedule so no lounging around.Tomorrow i have my lesson on kermit. Saturday is a fun agility show for ace and paige. On sunday Anne at help fife animals has organisned a training day for obedience and heel work to music for the kids going to crufts. It is fab of her to do this and she does so much with her husband Ian to help all the kids to practise. We really appreciate it. It is good to get together with other kids and share ideas.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

i have been tagged.

didnt even know you could do it but i have been. i dont have 5 blogs to tag on to but if you would like to please just do it. so the 5th folder and 5th pic here goes
. Oh its ace lounging on my mum and dads bed. bet dad didnt know he was there. what a handsome boy!!

buzz the airbourne weaver

back again

We were having trouble loging on to the blog for a while but it seems fixed now.
So whats new, we went to the caledonian open show with Paws and I handled her to best of breed. I did the ykc handling but the judge didn't seem to be judging the handling just the dog which happens a lot. We still got third so was happy with that. Will dig out some pics from recent things and ge them on. Paws and Surf are in full season and doing the dirty dancing as my mum calls it a lot. Jason thinks it is funny but not if we have guests!!!! At least Paws will be out for crufts . We are down all 4 days and have best in show tickets too which is great as it wont be on tv this year. Paws is doing breed and ykc handling, Ace is doing htm and wee Buzz is doing agility dog of the year, team agility, obedience and i have a borrowed dog for grooming although next year i will do surf as she is so hairy, well she was , mum took the coat king to her eek!!!! Surfs mum had new babies they are lovely and one has come up to scotland to live.
We are still waiting for surf to grow into her ears but i dont think she ever will!! they are huge - it doesnt mean she listens better though. We think she would like a sheep to play with as my brother and I have four hamster [two babies we just got from rescue] and at night we put them i a rodent paly pen!! surf tries to round them up into their tube , one dog and their hamsters might be a show that would catch on!!! she is so clever. went to a fun agility show and wee paige the resuce rat [actually a papillon but we nicknamed her after the ratatoulie film] got two clears. paige has been a hard work dog as hse was very nervous and hated dogs when we got her but she is coming on now and is getting more confident everyday. proud of her. ace did well and got a 7th and 9th so really happy with him. he is hyper. well will go and see what pics i can find.