Sunday, 30 November 2008

training day

just been to a training day in perth. it was freezing cold minus 8 at one point. just had ace as the skc said only one dog. the stuff was a bit basic so wish i had taken one of the younger dogs instead as ace was a bit above the standard that was there for agility and obedience and handling isnt his thing!!! it was great to catch up and see friends we hadnt seen for a while. caitlin and her bro glenn had come all the way down from the north of scotland. thats dedication for you. the trainers were all lovely to us kids and dogs and did very well giving up their time to help the scottish juniors . hopefully there will be more of these events to come. it was mentioned to have one before crufts to give us kids a good training session before they go to the big one!!!!
wee surf did her first htm show and boy she was great. i thought she would run away as soon as the lead was off but she stayed in the ring for the whole time and worked so well for a pup. very proud of her. ace had 12 in his class and he came 2nd which was brilliant he only barked 3 times which is such a big improvement for him as he used to bark the whole time.
only one show left this year. its the hpr club of scotland open show on the 20th december. dad says at least it will stop mum shopping that day!!! lol she was not impressed. we will be putting up the tree this week. we always get a real one as mum loves the smell of a real tree. surf has never seen a xmas tree and neither has the kitten so that should be amusing to see. baubles everywhere and a daft cat half up a tree with a collie acting like a fairy!!!! should be fun. will take a pic of kermit this week to introduce him to the world. he galloped off with me this week because a scarey rabbit jumped out of a bush - what a boy, hope he improves with age. he is a lot better in the lesson and is getting better everyday. we are off school tomorrow for st andrews day so will ge tto rid him in the day light ofr a change. usually only see him in the dark.