Tuesday, 18 August 2009


sad news here this week. we sadly had to say goodbye to old girl kelsey. she was 14 years and 8 months old and she had gotten very tired and frail and her back legs could no longer cope . it was the right decision but the hardest my mum had to make. my brother ad i have never known the house with out her . she will be greatly missed by all that knew her. she was mums first show dog and won best of breed at crufts the year before i was born, she then went onto become a show champion with 6 cc and 5 res. a once in a lifetime dog.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well Ace did a super round at the gleniffer show at the weekend and won grade 2 agility taking me up to grade 3!!!! It was a lovely round and he won by a big margin and also beat the grade 3 winning dogs time. Pity ace only gets one clear round a year!!!! That also means that poor wee surf has to come out in grade 3. never mnd we wont tell her. I have a show on kerm tomorrow so up early as it starts at 9. no long lies for us.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

crufts here we come

Well ace and i have qualified for the heelwork to music class at crufts 2010. we are doing a routine thats quite new to him so will be working on it over the summer to try and tweak a few things to make it better. Thats ace now qualified for obedience and htm and paws for junior handling so that is a good start to the year. been doing alot of riding this past while and kermit is a star. we are actually having him full time now so he is officially a memeber of the logie family now. he loves all the fuss he gets. he has been moved out of his stable for now as the whole yard is being white washed but is looking great so when he moves back he wont know the place. we have no shows this weekend so have the whole weekend to walk dogs and play with kermit.

Monday, 8 June 2009

busy weekend

another busy weekend. we had an agility show at irvine on saturday which was great fun and we came home wth a 1st 2nd 4th 6th and 7th so a brill day for the dogs. on sunday it was off to cowdenbeath for a heelwork to music show. jason was doing buzz at this show and he got a first but not enough points to qualify. me and ace did a htm routine to sining int he rain and it was brill fun and we won and qualified for crufts. nothing on this weekend so some kermit time to fit in.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

kermits first clear round

here he is all done up before the showjumping began.

here he is popping over the novice course

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


here is a few pics of kermit and me. he is coming on really well and is getting better every day. he is such a cute pony but everyone thinks he is an asbo so it must just be us that love him!!!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

fair city

Well the fair city show did not live up to its name and it rained and rained and rained. what a miserable show. such a shame as it is a lovely venue in the grounds of scone palace. my favourite place . great dog walks and the river to let them have a swim in clean water. As for the agility, Buzz was fab as usual and got 2 x 2nd places in grade 6 agility. Ace got a 5th in grade 2 agility and spent most of the weekend making sure the cadets pole picking didnt get bored sitting!!!! He can be such a clumsy oaf of a dog sometime . too much in a hurry to get to the next thing that he flattens himself and throws himself at the jump. took surf round the rings and tried my best to avoid her helping the other dogs to finish the courses, she was a bit keen for a shot but is way off ready for that yet but good to know she would like to. she had a lovely swim and lots of walks with ace and my friends dogs, sally , glen , ty and benji . they had a great time. dad took some pics with his flash new toy of us all on the cross country horse jumps that are in the grounds .skc next. we will be there from the thursday as i have the scottish junior final , then gundog day, grooming and then agility.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


We have started surf in training to be hopefully and agility dog [maybe one day] she has taken to it well and seems keen to work and learn. as with everything she is different in many ways to my other dogs so we have to find her thing to train her. she can be sensitive so happy voice is the main thing and she thrives on it. she has done most pieces of equipment now and seems happy with them. she has only had 5 lessons and is showing she had a flair for it. will post some pics

Thursday, 26 March 2009

post crufts

Not done a lot since crufts apart from turn 11 on friday 13th march and yes it was unlucky because kermit managed to bronco across the paddock and throw me off quite badly. all better now and we have a new daisy rein for him so even if he charges off he cant get his head between his knees which is when all the trouble starts. he has been good since then.
Dogs wise, surf loves the new lead and harness we got her at crufts but now i know why they put themk on huskies, wow she could beat them. We have started agility with her, just little bits. she loves aframes a lot and when we went to carolines for a practise and went for a cuppy , surf was out in the garden playing one min then the next she was sitting up on top of the a frame surveying everyone. never had a dog do that before but thats surf!!! we have a small garden dog walk / aframe thing and everytime we let her out to pee she runns along it cos she wants a treat. she will be a handful that one.
did a fun show with ace and paige, paige was good - slow but her confidence is growing now so hope that will come. ace was ace and managed one clear at the end but we had to go so dont know if he got anything. not to worry the fact he was clear was fab. got my lesson tonight at the stables so will see how that goes, its really windy here today so ponies will be hyper.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Wow what a fab crufts that was. I am so proud of my dogs and my mum and dad are so proud of me.On thursday Buzz and I did obedience, we didn't get a place but he was fab and did everything he was asked. Go wee Buzz. Friday was shop day!!! Saturday was mental so busy for me. First thing was grooming, I groomed a jrt cross and got 2nd. Next was handling. Paws is suh a young munster that it ould have gone either way with her but she behaved and well ........ we won!!!!!!!!! I was so happy mum and dad were heering and there were loads of ou friends from scotland there screaming. I will never forget it as long as I live. Heelwork to musi was next with Ace. He barked a bit but he was brill and we won that too!!!!! Then onto breed, I issed her first lass as i was daning with Ae so Marie a lovely lady with munsters showed her for me and got a 5ht out of 14 in her first post grad lass, she is only 23 months. I was bak to show her in the good itizens class and got 3rd out of 10 which i was real happy with. Sunday was team agility and our team was 6th. What a show .pics to come when we get them sent to us by various people. Saw all my pals there and had a laugh with Caitlyn and saw Stacey too

Saturday, 28 February 2009


well thats us packing up for crufts. it should be fun , its not like any other dog show . the atmosphere is something else.we are taking three dogs down, ace buzz and paws. will miss wee surf though, we have never left her before for so long and it will be her birthday when we come home - a year already. ace is 3 the day we go and paws and me later on in march so its the birthday month. ace is in the first heel work to music freestyle comp the ykc has done but i know he will bark a lot which is a no no . as longs he barks and listens at the same time that will be ok. We have wee buzz doing the most things, obedience team agility and ykc agility dog of the year and paws is doing breed and handling. looking forward to it and we have friends going down too. hope to get round on sunday and watch the collies being shown as surfs breeder Nat is there with her crew.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

sent home.

Well it snowed a bit today but it was enough for the school to decide to send the kids that live out with the town home yipee!!! So we built a snowman then headed down the the stables to see kermit and exercise him and any one else that need it. So i did him then natal and also had a lesson that i did on brambles a new young pony with a lot of energy, she was fun though. We are off now for half term till wednesday but have a busy schedule so no lounging around.Tomorrow i have my lesson on kermit. Saturday is a fun agility show for ace and paige. On sunday Anne at help fife animals has organisned a training day for obedience and heel work to music for the kids going to crufts. It is fab of her to do this and she does so much with her husband Ian to help all the kids to practise. We really appreciate it. It is good to get together with other kids and share ideas.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

i have been tagged.

didnt even know you could do it but i have been. i dont have 5 blogs to tag on to but if you would like to please just do it. so the 5th folder and 5th pic here goes
. Oh its ace lounging on my mum and dads bed. bet dad didnt know he was there. what a handsome boy!!

buzz the airbourne weaver

back again

We were having trouble loging on to the blog for a while but it seems fixed now.
So whats new, we went to the caledonian open show with Paws and I handled her to best of breed. I did the ykc handling but the judge didn't seem to be judging the handling just the dog which happens a lot. We still got third so was happy with that. Will dig out some pics from recent things and ge them on. Paws and Surf are in full season and doing the dirty dancing as my mum calls it a lot. Jason thinks it is funny but not if we have guests!!!! At least Paws will be out for crufts . We are down all 4 days and have best in show tickets too which is great as it wont be on tv this year. Paws is doing breed and ykc handling, Ace is doing htm and wee Buzz is doing agility dog of the year, team agility, obedience and i have a borrowed dog for grooming although next year i will do surf as she is so hairy, well she was , mum took the coat king to her eek!!!! Surfs mum had new babies they are lovely and one has come up to scotland to live.
We are still waiting for surf to grow into her ears but i dont think she ever will!! they are huge - it doesnt mean she listens better though. We think she would like a sheep to play with as my brother and I have four hamster [two babies we just got from rescue] and at night we put them i a rodent paly pen!! surf tries to round them up into their tube , one dog and their hamsters might be a show that would catch on!!! she is so clever. went to a fun agility show and wee paige the resuce rat [actually a papillon but we nicknamed her after the ratatoulie film] got two clears. paige has been a hard work dog as hse was very nervous and hated dogs when we got her but she is coming on now and is getting more confident everyday. proud of her. ace did well and got a 7th and 9th so really happy with him. he is hyper. well will go and see what pics i can find.