Thursday, 11 June 2009

crufts here we come

Well ace and i have qualified for the heelwork to music class at crufts 2010. we are doing a routine thats quite new to him so will be working on it over the summer to try and tweak a few things to make it better. Thats ace now qualified for obedience and htm and paws for junior handling so that is a good start to the year. been doing alot of riding this past while and kermit is a star. we are actually having him full time now so he is officially a memeber of the logie family now. he loves all the fuss he gets. he has been moved out of his stable for now as the whole yard is being white washed but is looking great so when he moves back he wont know the place. we have no shows this weekend so have the whole weekend to walk dogs and play with kermit.


Nat said...

Wow...well done!! :)

Colette Braid said...

Fantastic go girl